Princess Caroline

Caroline, Princess of Wales

Royal Terrace



In 1801 five year old Princess Charlotte     was ordered by her physician to come to Southend for her health. She spent much time on the beach but for her health she attended Mrs.Glasscock’s bathing machines which were situated near the pier.  The princess stayed at the Lawn in Southchurch. Princess Charlotte was the only child of George, Prince of Wales  (King George IV, and Caroline of Brunswick.

Two years later, in 1004 her mother Princess Caroline visited Southend and stayed in  nos.7,8 and 9 in Grand  Terrace, next to the Grand Hotel, because  of this royal patronage  the terrace was renamed Royal Terrace and the Grand became the Royal Hotel.

Several irregularities occurred during Caroline’s  stay but these were disproved at an enquiry. Caroline  later separated from her husband King George IV.

Princess Charlotte died giving birth to a stillborn son in1917 when she was 21,


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