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The faces that make up the Scared Scriptless body, are:


Lee Tearrell
Scary Lee
Frontier explorer, bear trapper and soldier of war. Left it all to become an actor because he likes the feel of make-up on his skin. An ardent Teletubbies fan whose resemblance to Arnie Swartzenegger is purely coincidental.

Sarah Mayhew
Surprised Sarah
Worked professionally as a dancer, actress and make-up artist, woo hoo. The only blonde brunette member of the team. It's a joy to see her fall on her ass and come back for more. Enjoys picked onion sandwiches

Simon Blackman
Sultry Simon
From his school report: "Simon is a very quiet boy. He doesn't fit in well with the rest of the class and sometimes can be openly hostile. He has a limited range, but makes up for it with height. Could try harder. Could have a bright future in the pornographic book trade.
John Henry Keating
Jovial John
As the eldest member of the team, John suffers many cruel jibes about baldness and incontinence. He has worked in theatre, television and film, yet is still skint. Dead apparently, no other member of the team has the heart to tell him.
The Group
More The Group
Jane Chaplin
Judgemental Jane
Oh hello. I'm a bit shy. W.L.T.M V.G.S.O.H (N.S. preferred). Enjoys goat husbandry and darts. Apply to Box Office 49367.

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