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Question… I’m looking for an extract about Southend-on-Sea from a newspaper. Where can I go?

The Southend Standard newspaper started back in 1873. It was a weekly newspaper, and for most of its existence, was based in Standard House, Clifftown Road. The building later became the home of Essex Radio.
In 1969, the Evening Echo launched. The Evening Echo continues to this day, and is a daily paper in tabloid format. The Southend Standard is no longer with us (anyone know when it closed?).


If you’re looking for back-issues, these can be found on microfilm in the Local Studies section on the first floor of Southend’s Central Library in Victoria Avenue .


Question… Free local paper – Standard (property pages). We do not seem to receive the free local paper any more – I live in Westcliff-on-Sea. Are these papers not free anymore? Caroline M

The Southend Standard is a weekly newspaper that appears to be delivered free to parts of Southend. Perhaps try contacting them via the Southend Standard website to ask why you’re not getting a copy.


Question… Is it Westcliff-on-Sea or Westcliffe-on-Sea (with an ‘e’)? Jean, Feb 2007

Well, it’s Westcliff-on-Sea (no ‘e’) according to the Royal Mail and Ordinance Survey maps. No idea where Westcliffe (with an ‘e’) came from – perhaps an Olde English name for what we now know as Westcliff. If you know any more about Westcliffe vs. Westcliff, please let us know


Question… Why is Southend On Sea called Southend On Sea? Where and how did it get it’s name? D Waller, Sept 2008

The name Southend refers to the “South end of Prittlewell” – Prittlewell was the original settlement, getting a mention in the Domesday Book. Southend started to become a recognised name in the 18th century, as a “bathing town”.

Southend-on-Sea is a bit of a misnomer, as technically it’s “Southend-on-Thames”, as the town is situated at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, with a view of the Kent coast. We’re not entirely sure where the “on-Sea” bit came from, but as it’s well known as a British seaside town, the “on-Sea” bit makes a certain amount of sense.


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