Digital TV Help and Advice for Southend

Live in or around Southend-on-Sea, and looking to get digital TV? This page offers information on the digital TV services available in and around Southend.

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TV for Southend-on-Sea

TV aerialIf you’re living in or around Southend-on-Sea and you get your TV using a TV aerial (and not Sky or Virgin), then chances are you get your TV from the London TV region from the Crystal Palace transmitter.

If your aerial isn’t pointing to London, the alternative is that you’re getting TV signals from the East Anglia service from the Sudbury or Rouncefall transmitters,or the Meridian region (using the Bluebell Hill transmitter in Kent).


Digital TV Switchover

The UK’s Digital Switchover finished in October 2012, and we’re all now getting our TV digitally. The old analogue transmitter for our area switched off as follows::

  • Get your BBC and ITV from London? The Crystal Palace transmitter completed the digital switchover in April 2012
  • Get your BBC and ITV from Anglia? The Sudbury transmitter completed the digital switchover in July 2011
  • Get your BBC and ITV from Kent / Meridian? The Bluebell Hill transmitter completed the digital switchover in July 2012


Digital TV services available in Southend

Here’s a quick summary of the digital TV services available in Southend-on-Sea today:

Freeview in Southend Freeview Logo
Freeview is available in the Southend-on-Sea area now, and viewers in Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff, central Southend, Thorpe Bay, Shoebury and Wakering should be able to get Freeview with a rooftop aerial.

  • Freeview is received via a standard TV aerial (from Crystal Palace, Roucefall, Bluebell Hill or Sudbury)
  • 40 TV channels – with no subscription fees
  • One-off fee to get Freeview – you can buy a set-top box for £25 on Southend High Street in Currys, or click-and-collect from

For more, see the Radio and Telly Freeview page.

Sky Digital
  • Sky Digital LogoSky offers the widest choice of channels in the UK, plus the top-rated Sky+ recorder.
  • 50 channels of HD, plus movies and Sky Sports
  • You need a satellite dish, fitted by Sky

For more, go to

BT Vision
  • BT Vision LogoA great alternative to Sky. This mixes 40 channels of live TV from an aerial, with stacks of on-demand content over BT Broadband
  • Loads of on-demand TV and films over the Internet on your telly
  • Offers movies, and Sky Sports (cheaper than Sky)

More at

Virgin Media
  • Virgin Media LogoCable TV service delivered via underground fibre optic cable
  • Available in parts of Southend, including Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay and Southchurch
  • Good collection of on-demand content

More: Go to

  • Freesat LogoWatch satellite TV without subscription
  • Not as many channels as Sky, but no subscription
  • Buy a satellite TV receiver on the High Street at Currys, and connect to a dish

More on Radio and Telly’s Freesat page.

Digital TV Transmitters for Southend-on-Sea

Information on the digital TV transmitters serving Southend-on-Sea. Distance and direction assumes Southend High Street

  • Crystal Palace, London – Distance 35 miles, compass heading 255°. Power: 4kW
  • Rouncefall (Ashingdon), Essex – Distance 5 miles, compass heading 341°. Power: 20kW
  • Bluebell Hill, Kent – Distance 17 miles, compass heading 207°. Power: 3kW


Useful links:

  • Maplin – A 5 minute walk from the High Street. Great for cables, boosters, aerial bits and connectors


Got a question about Digital TV, Freeview or the switchover in Southend on Sea? Please get in touch


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