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Welcome to the Southend Podcast site. We’re considering creating a series of regular podcasts dedicated to Southend-on-Sea, and are currently assessing the level of interest. We’ll update this page as we progress.


What is a podcast?

In case you don’t know what a podcast is – it’s a short downloadable radio show that can be played on your computer, or copied to an MP3 player. There’s advice on podcasts at

Our Southend podcast could include information on what’s new in the town, a look at the comedy and music scene, something controversial, and perhaps a showcase of local musical talent.

Pilot Show now available!

We’re still working on the format for our first ‘official’ show, but we’ve today released a ‘Pilot show’. Although this is not a typical example of what our shows will sound like, it gives a taster of what our podcasts may sound like, and as the Pilot discusses a subject of interest to all Southenders, you should find it interesting.

In July 2006, the Southend Podcast team were given an exclusive presentation of Epic World Leisure’s plans for the redevelopment of Southend Pier, complete with a rollercoaster, brand new trains, extreme sports, restaurants a conference centre, and much more.

The pilot show is a 15 minute interview with Epic World Leisure’s Chairman, Tony Garner.

ListenClick here to listen online. For the background, see our Pier Plans page


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