Southend York Road Market closed

Southend’s historic York Road Market closed on the 17th of October 2009.

Following a Health and Safety review undertaken for the council in September, it was identified that the market, and the 22 shops based there, would have to close. Three days notice was given before the closure.

The report cites rotted roof timbers, the need for re-wiring, the lack of a fire alarm and substandard glazing.

Apparently, the council is in discussion with traders regarding the future of the site, and possible relocation, but it’s feared that many shops will shut for good. Many are speculating that, rather than taking remedial action and re-opening the market, the site may be sold, or turned into a car park.

York Road Market 29 Oct 2009
York Road Market 29 Oct 2009

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  2. Barbara Richards 17 July 2016 Reply

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