Incident at Southend Central station

Blogging live from a serious incident at Southend Central Station 2300 Tuesday 10th August.

In attendance, four fire engines, one ambulance, two rapid response vehicles and seven police cars. Clifftown Road closed. c2c trains suspended.

Just seen two police officers leading away a man in handcuffs. At least 6 fire brigade personnel inside railway station.

Update 2315 10Aug: Two men led away by police. Crowd rumour is that someone may have been pushed onto the train track.

Update 2320 10Aug: Emergency services now packing up. Train service restarted. One young man in a white shirt appears to have been walked to a waiting ambulance, after allegedly being pushed onto the track whilst a train was in the station, according to one bystander.

Update 2345 10Aug: all emergency services now left the scene, except for one British Transport Police van with flashing blues, which is blocking Tylers Avenue, closing off Clifftown Road for no apparent reason.

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