Southend Says No to AV

Polling Station PictureResults coming in for the AV (Alternative Vote) Referendum seem to be showing a pretty clear “No” to changing the UK’s election system (as expected).

If you’re interested in how the people of Southend voted in the 5th May 2011 referendum, here are the results:

38% of the people of Southend turned out to vote

  • Yes to AV: 13,488 (28%)
  • No to AV: 34,365 (72%)

Hardly a surprise to anyone.  As was the fact that the Conservatives did well in the local elections. The Tories retained 28 of the 51 seats for Southend-on-Sea. The Lib Dems lost 2 seats (now with 10 seats), whilst Labour have just 4.

Well done to the 38% of Southenders who turned out to have their say.

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