Waze – Social GPS for Southend

Waze is a social GPS project, and two of the Sarfend team are active Waze users. If you have a Smartphone, install the free Waze application and share road information with other Southend-on-Sea road users.

Waze Logo

What is Waze?

A free application for your smartphone. Have Waze running as you drive around South Essex for free live travel data from other Waze users. Report accidents and hold-ups, get speed camera alerts and chat with other drivers. Think of it as a social Sat Nav


Waze screenshot 1
Early Waze Map, showing bonus point goodies

Waze screenshot 2
Waze, showing Halloween Goodies in Westcliff

Install Waze

Waze is available free for the following platforms:


Waze and Sarfend

Two of our team regularly drive and update Waze as we go. We report local travel as we see it using Waze via Twitter. Follow Sarfend on Twitter.

Got a Smartphone? Give Waze a try – it’s free!

Seen a problem with the Southend Map? We may be able to help fix it.!

Any comments or questions about Waze in Southend? Please contact us

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