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Southend, the Capital of Culture?

Posted by Sarfend at October 22nd, 2009 in Culture

In case you’ve not been following the local press, the town of Southend-on-Sea is bidding to become the UK’s Capital of Culture 2013.

So, what are Southend’s selling points?

  • Events such as the Southend Airshow, Southend Carnival and Leigh Art Trail?
  • Tourist attractions such as our 7 miles of beaches and our pier?
  • Or perhaps our two theatres, new University campus, football team, and our pub and club scene?

Liverpool won European Capital of Culture status in 2008, setting a benchmark for a UK culture capital. Are we as cultured as Liverpool? We’re apparently competing against Manchester, Derby and Durham for the Capital of Culture title, and we’ll know by Spring 2010.

Any thoughts on our bid?

Comments please…

2 Responses to “Southend, the Capital of Culture?”

  1. Spencer Smith Says:

    I think Miami should be the UK's capital of culture. How many Brits can be in Florida at one time?

  2. bruhinb Says:

    The state of Florida could easily accommodate the entire population of the UK.

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