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Look to meet up with like-minded people in and around Southend-on-Sea? Here, we list local societies, groups, meetups and organisations in and around Southend.


Informal groups in Southend?

Meeting new and like-minded people is good thing, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right group of people, or track down a meeting in your area.

For example, one of our team has been trying to track down a local "people who work from home" group in Southend, and one is looking to connect with creatives that can work on a local website/podcasting project.

In London, there are no shortage of informal get-togethers at local pubs, or formal business networking meetings, but these don’t seem to exist in Southend.

If you know of a local group, perhaps a book club, business group, share-dealing society, wargamers club, home worker’s group, web/SEO group or other such social group – fancy getting a free bit of publicity on this page.


Groups in and around Southend


People looking for Groups

  • Drop us a mail with your details, and we’ll add your requirements here (no email addresses will be published). We’d also suggest you ask in our Southend Forum


Request: Local Book Clubs: "I am a local author age seventy who has had six books published abroad ie four of fictional crime, one of historical fiction and another a thriller. I am in the throes of writing another novel. I am looking to maybe join a local book club that accepts males as well as females. One perhaps that has a venue,and meets weekly or monthly for discussions on books and writing in general. To make some new friends maybe?,who are on the same wavelength as it were?.Many Thanks for all or any replies." Forum Post


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