Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

After we uploaded a picture of Southend seafront from 1000 feet, we received a few emails asking about aerial photos of South Essex, and so we added a Southend from the air page.

We’ve now expanded this by adding a few snaps of Southend, which you’ll find on this page. Below are some thumbnail pictures from in and around Southend. At the moment, we’ve added these small images just to give a flavour of what we have in our growing collection, but we need your help to expand this.

If there’s a picture of something you’d like to see, or you’d like us to email you a full-size image of one of the photos below, please email us, and we’ll try to help.

Southend Central
1634: Southend Central Station

High Street
2051: Southend High Street

Old Odeon Site
2059: The Odeon site (Oct.2005)

Queens Road
2064: Queens Road

High Street
2069: Southend High Street

Vic Circus
2073: Victoria Circus

2078: Southend Underpass

2080: Keddies Site (Oct 2005)

2088: Southend Pier (Oct 2005)

2094: Talk, Lucy Road (Was Tots)

2103: Kursaal (Oct 2005)

Leigh Broadway
2118: Leigh Broadway

Peter Boat Leigh
2125: Peter Boat, Old Leigh

Victoria Circus
2584: Victoria Circus 2006

Southend Bus Station
3666: Southend Bus Station

Southend Pier Fire Damage
3768: Pier Fire Damage 2006

Pier Hill
3812: Pier Hill 2006

Site of The Bell
4658: Site of The Bell, now Tobys

Woolworths 2008
8099: Woolworths 2008

London Road
0366: London Road 2008

Palace Hotel 2009
9127: Palace Hotel 2009

If you’re interested in our roving camera taking a picture of somewhere in Southend for you, let us know, and we’ll see if we can help. To contact us about a photo, please mail us

Southend from the air
For a collection of aerial photos, see our Southend Overhead page

More Southend Photos

A couple of handy links for those looking for images from Southend’s past…

  • Stars in Southend 1963 – Previously unseen photos of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Cliff Richard in Southend
  • Southend Timeline – A great site containing loads of images from Southend’s history



Your own overhead image

If you’re curious to see what your house looks like from overhead, check out – on their site you can view your house by putting in your postcode. If you’re interested in a higher resolution image, you can order a digital copy, or an A3 poster of your street in photo quality. Well worth a look! They make a great gift idea too…

Essex High in the SkyYou might also be interested in taking a look at Essex
– High in the Sky
– This is a CD containing a collection of images
from Essex. Priced at £9.99 from,
the images aren’t as crisp as those from Getmapping but it still shows some excellent images of Essex from above.


Looking for Southend links?

Essex images from Getmapping


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