Essex FM becomes Heart from Monday

Essex FM becomes HeartFrom Monday the 22nd June, Essex FM vanishes from our local airwaves, to be replaced by “Heart”

As we’ve reported before, Essex FM is owned by the largest commercial radio group in the UK, Global Radio. Their three-phase plan to rebrand over 30 stations with a local identity to “Heart”.

For the last couple of weeks, listeners to Essex FM will have noticed subtle changes to the music format and branding – getting listeners gently ready for Monday’s change.

What does this mean for local listeners? Many of the presenters remain the same, including Martin and Sue’s breakfast show. Some shows will now be “networked”, including the 10am-1pm weekday show with Toby Anstis, and the evening “Heartbreakers” show. Less local programming, new jingles, and a form of programming identical to the other 32 “Heart” stations around the UK.

Essex RadioThe Good Old Days: Essex Radio started back in 1981, and has seen many changes over the years. Any of these ring any bells? “Somewhere Special”, “We’ll make it a great today”, “The Big SX”, “Greatest Memories, Latest Hits”, “Essex (swoosh swoosh) FM”, or “Today’s Best Mix”. Various identities that your first local station has been known by.

Want more? Keen to reminisce about local radio in Essex? Here’s some links:

Happy with Heart? Happy to find your local station becoming part of a brand? Moved on to a different Southend radio station? Or happy to stick with Heart? Please add your comments below.

Farewell Essex Radio and Essex FM… and thanks for being “Somewhere Special”.

Queen: “All we hear is Radio ga ga… Radio goo goo… Radio blah blah…”


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