Southend voting under way

It can’t have escaped your notice, but the people of Essex are today voting in the General and Local Elections.

We’ve checked in with a couple of polling stations in the Southend West constituency, and are told that turnout is good – higher than in previous elections.

Polling Station in Southend West 2010

The scene at one polling station in Leigh-on-Sea this lunchtime

Those voting today may be interested to find out just how your vote counts, and we’ve found some interesting information, courtesy of the website

Rochford and Southend East: Listed as a “Fairly Safe” Conservative seat. Just over 69,000 voters

Southend West: Slightly smaller than the average constituency, with just over 66,000 eligible voters, this is a “Very Safe” Conservative seat. Apparently, a vote in this constituency only counts for 0.094 of a vote, based on the probability of the seat changing hands.

It’s a lovely day for a stroll to your local polling station, so make sure you excercise your right by 10pm tonight.

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