Fireworks at Southend Pier

It’s firework season, and we’re down at Southend seafront blogging live from Southend Council’s Festival of Fireworks.

8pm tonight, Saturday the 30th of October, saw the start of the free fireworks display, with fireworks launched from a barge moored just to the East of Southend Pier.

Free fireworks at Southend Pier

Attached is a pic, live from the top level of the pier lift, which offers a great vantage point.

Update: Display now over – lasted just under 10 minutes. A decent display with a good mix of fireworks. View slighly hindered by smoke drifting to shore, and not helped by rotating spotlights from Adventure Island. Nonetheless, a good display, well received by the crowds around us. Well done chaps!

If you missed tonight’s display, there’s one more free display at the Pier, next Saturday, the 6th of November 2010 at 8pm

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