Southend Census 2011

Census Form 2011Just a reminder that this weekend sees National Census Day – Southenders have to complete the rather hefty Census form on Sunday the 27th of March.

Each person staying at your house on the day will need to answer the 42 questions on the 32 page form. Questions include:

  • H11. Do you have solid wood central heating
  • 25. Did you get 4 O levels?
  • 30 Were you a student last week?
  • 41. Do you take a taxi to work?

Filling in the census is compulsory, and the information is primarily to be used to help both the Government and local authorities to plan for the future.

In the event you need help completing the form, there are a number of drop-in sessions in various places around Southend over the next few weeks. There’s more on the census on the Southend Council site at

 Happy form-filling Southenders!

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