Old Leigh May Day Celebrations 07 May 2012

Today, Monday the 7th of May 2012, saw the May Day Celebrations in Old Leigh. Here are a few photos of the day.

The Bank Holiday Monday celebrations started off at midday with a short parade from the Leigh Heritage Centre, followed by the crowning of the May Queen, dancing around the maypole, Morris dancing, a Punch & Judy show and some live local music.

Crowning of the May Queen

Crowned this year’s May Queen was Kathryn Sipple (who will be 5 years old next month). Attendants to the May Queen were Annie Hinkling and Madelyn Schreiber. The May Queen and May Princesses were presented with certificates by Southend West MP David Amess.

May Queen and May Princesses with David Amess MP and Deputy Mayor of Leigh

Dancing Around The Maypole

A couple of photos of the traditional maypole dancing. The rain held off long enough for the little ones of Leigh to go around and around.

Dancing Around the Maypole

More dancing around the maypole

Morris Dancing

Another May Day mainstay. Apologies to the dancers, but I missed the name of your group. Here is a photo of the dance in full swing:

Morris Dancing in Old Leigh, May 2012

The weather for today’s May Day celebrations wasn’t great, although the rain managed to hold off for most of the day. When we did get a few spots of rain, it offered David Amess MP the chance for a quick joke about one politician’s pronouncement of a drought (he’ll be having words, apparently)

Well done for Leigh Town Council for organising the festivities on this May Bank Holiday.

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