Southenders with Smartphones?

Do you own an iPhone, Android Smartphone, high-end Nokia or Windows Mobile phone? Then you can help to build-up a real-time map of Southend.

Waze is a social GPS application that has a big following in the US, and is now over here. The idea is simple. Drive around with this app running on your phone, and a map of roads and average road speed is built-up. Users can report speed cameras and accidents (with photos) and share that info with others. Problem is, the map of Southend is a bit thin:

Waze Southend-on-Sea coverage

It looks like most of the mapping effort has been done by one ‘HonourableKilla’ – Southend thanks you. So – can the readers of these news pages rise to the challenge and help build up Southend’s map? The Waze service rewards you with road munching points, and bonus points for driving around areas marked with little pink fairy cakes.

Go on – give it a try. If you’ve got an iPhone, go to Waze at iTunes, otherwise Waze is in the Android Market store and in Nokia Ovi. Full details at

Come on gang… get driving! (More: Waze in Southend)

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