iPhone 5 and iOS6 Southend-on-Sea Fails

Apple iOS6 LogoThis week saw Apple release the new iPhone 5, and also release an update to the operating system used on the iPhone 4 and newer iPads.

The new software, known as iOS6, is already causing controversy, and it’s all about maps.

Previous versions of the iPhone software get maps from Google, but as part of the ongoing battles between Google and Apple, the new operating system replaces Google Maps with maps sourced from sat-nav firm TomTom.

As has been widely covered in the industry press, the maps are full of inaccuracies and low-resolution satellite images. Maps from this area are no exception, and to prove it… here are two pics from our local area… notice anything amiss?

First off, notice a town that seems to have migrated…

iOS6 Maps of Southend area - Example 1
iOS6 Maps of Southend area – Example 1

… and in this one, another town has also gone for a wander

iOS6 Maps of Southend area - Example 2
iOS6 Maps of Southend area – Example 2

Very odd, and surprisingly shoddy for Apple. TomTom has been quick to distance itself from these errors, saying that it provided the data to Apple, and it was up to Apple to implement the data correctly on its new operating system.

Found any other interesting local blunders? Please add a comment below.

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