Ghosts invade Southend-on-Sea

Now there’s a headline and a half…

Just what are we talking about? A Halloween addition to the social sat nav application called Waze.

If you drive in and around Southend-on-Sea and own a smartphone, give Waze a try. You’ll be helping to complete a map of Southend, as well as share real-time road travel information, chat with others on the road, and work your way up the leader table.

The ghosts? Ahh yes. One of the killer features of Waze is the ‘road goodies’ – drive over them to get bonus points. The cupcakes have been replaced by ghools and pumpkins.

Waze Map of Southend
Waze Westcliff, pimped for Halloween

Fire up your smartphone, and install Waze. Some of the Sarfend team have been busy adding local roads, so give it a try. Your fellow Southenders on the road need YOU! (More: Waze in Southend)

Waze is available, FREE, from (iphone link)

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