Tracing Southend friends and relations

Need help finding someone from in and around Southend-on-Sea?

We quite often get messages from people who’ve found our site as they’re looking to track down friends, trace former work colleagues, or find relatives from in and around Southend. We also often hear from people looking for help with their Southend-on-Sea Family History research.

To help anyone looking for Southenders, here are a few links to try, and some suggestions:

Electoral Roll SearchLocating Southenders

Southend People Finder:


Family members

We’re all curious about our roots – thanks to the power of the Internet, tracing your family tree is easier than ever before, and it’s possible to make contacts with family members. Here are a few useful links:

Getting more help

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Why not post a message asking for help in our Southend
    ? With luck, your message will be found by the search engines, and someone will find your message and help out.
  • Try contacting either the local papers or the local radio stations to see if they can mention your cause.
  • If you’re looking for old newspaper cuttings, perhaps as part of family tree research, see our Questions Page


Any suggestions for additions to this page? Please contact us
(Sorry, but we can’t help to track people down for you)

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